Radiant Land – Oct 2005 –


Renato Muccillo portrait
RENATO MUCCILLO, born in 1965, was inspired by art early in life. He spent most of his childhood painting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors. Since the age of 10, when local art shops around the Lower Mainland began to display his landscapes, he has devoted himself to refining his craft as an artist. He is recognized for his ability to utilize a diverse range of styles to best convey the message of a specific subject in his paintings. This flexibility of style has allowed him to master several techniques (from photo-realism to expressionism) as well as a multitude of mediums in his paintings.

Renato’s love of fly-fishing has also won him praise among the sport fishing community for his fly-tying skills, and he is considered one of the finest tiers in North America. In 1996, Renato was featured on “Casting Shadows”, a Canadian-based documentary highlighting the history of fly-fishing and art that surrounds it. His paintings, limited edition lithographs, and intricate salmon flies can be found in collections around the world.

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