Major Winter Event of New Small (and Medium) Works
Opening Online Sunday Dec 5, 2021
Noon – 4 pm

About purchasing

Sales start at precisely noon on Sunday, Dec 5

The gallery considers it important that all special-event pieces actually be available for purchase at the Dec 5 opening. Without exception, there are no pre-sales.

Pre-registration helps

To streamline the process on Dec 5, clients are urged to register with the gallery BEFORE that date. To do so, contact us at 604.538.4452, or toll-free at 1.877.974.4278. A staff member will take your name and details and provide you with a unique registration number for use on Dec 5. Registration carries no obligations, and all registration information is deleted at day’s end if you have not made a purchase.

BEST Purchasing Option – Phone 604.538.4452, or toll-free 1.877.974.4278

The gallery will have 3 dedicated phone lines fully staffed on Dec 5, but bottlenecking can still occur in the first hour or two. Remember when you were age 5 and your Mom encouraged you “Don’t give up. Keep on trying”. That was – and remains – good advice. Please keep trying if the lines are busy. Rest assured that gallery staff is fully on-deck and will speak to you as soon as you get through. Pre-registration (see above) definitely serves to simplify the process.

Alternative Purchasing Option – Email us at

We will be checking the email inbox intermittently as time allows after 12 pm on Dec 5 if a phone call is impracticable for you on that day. If you have pre-registered (see above), include your unique registration number in the email. This will increase the likelihood of success because it will enable us to tag a piece on your behalf. Without registration, your email to us must include the best contact number on Dec 5 because we will need to reach you to verify your information before confirming a purchase.

Will the art be displayed?

Paintings still available after Dec 5 can be seen in person at the gallery during regular hours as of Tues Dec 7. Masks and social distancing are required, and occupancy may be restricted to ensure everyone’s safety.

The gallery’s usual layaway plan is available on all Winter Event pieces.


Click refresh for the newest version: On Dec 5, refreshing your screen will be helpful to confirm which paintings are still available and which have been sold. Before Dec 5, refreshing will ensure you are seeing the latest information.

About optional framing: Many frames are in stock, but not necessarily in all sizes and styles. For frames that need to be ordered from our suppliers, please note that current supply chain disruptions might affect availability or timing.

Participating artists (click names or scroll down)

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