A co-ordinated show with Hambleton Gallery (B.C.),
Canada House (Alta.) and Mayberry Fine Art (Ont.)

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Robert Genn (1936 — 2014)


Honouring a Lifetime of Painting

Selected works from the Robert Genn archive

Oct. 25 — Nov. 9, 2014

Feature stories: The Globe & Mail | The Vancouver Sun

Thank you to Carol Genn and Tamara Taggart for attending the Oct. 25
opening. Thank you to Flowers & Co. for the spectacular botanical sculptures.

The Globe & Mail, Oct. 23/24, 2014
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The Vancouver Sun, Oct. 23, 2014
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In March 2012, I spent a morning with Robert, his beloved dog Dorothy and his red MG on a quixotic and sophomoric quest to make a viral talking-dog video. Robert figured that smearing peanut butter on Dorothy’s gums would get her to mimic speech and we’d then do a clever voice-over. Nothing much happened except that Dorothy got a peanut butter windfall. So the experiment fizzled, but this ancillary GoPro footage from that day turned out to be priceless in ways none of us could have guessed at the time. – Peter Segnitz



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