Claudette Castonguay

Claudette Castonguay was born in Quebec in 1949. She has been pursuing art for close to forty years. Self-taught, she has exhibited her paintings regularly across Canada since 1979. She left her former profession as a teacher in 1984 to devote her time exclusively to her painting career.

With each new canvas, Claudette chooses her colours and starts to draw. She then harmonizes light with her chosen colours and shapes, and the subject takes form. This approach keeps her paintings fresh and light and conveys the happiness she feels while creating. The results convey the individuality of characters, who are portrayed with spontaneity, sensitivity and humour.

“I am fascinated by the play activity of creation and I like to think that the canvas will bring as much joy to the person who will choose it as I am experiencing when I paint it.

“I am diligent in my studio. When I stand before the easel, there is only this present moment that exists. These instants are precious, sometimes magical. What more could I ask for?”

12 x 16 in. - $379.00
Claudette Castonguay artwork 'Allegro Pour Chats' at White Rock Gallery
Claudette Castonguay artwork 'Un villages des pecheurs (A Fishing Village)' at White Rock Gallery
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