W. Allan Hancock | Artist Video Interview

Allan has richly experienced the worlds inhabited by the creatures he paints: the lakes, rivers and woodlands of Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Frequent family moves during his childhood and youth enabled countless field trips into the outdoors. The natural world became imprinted on his heart early, and deeply. 
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Nikol Haskova | Artist Video Interview

A particular fondness for crows started after the artist observed not only their intelligence, but determination and adaptability in adverse conditions as well. Nikol has photographed, interacted with and painted countless crows and other birds, at times assigning them human traits, finding a satisfying metaphor between the two.

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Laura Harris | Artist Video Interview

Laura’s paintings are described as beautifully imperfect, and have the ability to stir powerful emotions, speaking to an inner voice often ignored. Often large in scale with strikingly bold colours and texture, each piece offers discovery. Her process is rooted in memory and imagination, and her emotions are palpable. 
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