Bev Ellis

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Winner of the SSICA Ceramics Biennial People's Choice Award, and a large-scale Ceramic Installation for Vancity, Ellis creates highly textured surfaces with clay. Her favourite muse is nature, where beauty is found in brokenness. Burned-out trees, and layers of peeling bark, bear a common thread of beautiful imperfection. Artistry and technique inform the intuitive processes of her multidisciplinary art practice. She has been requested to speak at conferences, Art Galleries and Art Centres. Ellis has been published in Artist Journals, magazines, the Book of 100 Vancouver Artists: WeMakeStuff, and in The Crafted Dish: a Juried Collection of clay artists from Across Canada. Represented by several galleries, she has exhibited her work throughout the Province, across Canada, and in the US. Her artwork is in corporate and private collections around the world.

Artist Statement:
Creative challenges keep me energized and give me opportunities to grow in knowledge and technique. I enjoy working in many different art forms. Currently, I'm sculpting tree-inspired sculptures with clay. When I am outside, I’m filled with awe and wonder. I get lost in the moss, fungus and bark, enamoured with the cracks, crevasses, and life springing from unknown places. Trees speak to me about vulnerability, community, brokenness, nurture, and hope. For me, sculpting is a way to bring joy and beauty into our daily lives, while giving opportunity for pause and reflection.

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