Robert Genn (1936 - 2014) | Artist Video Interview



Major Show | Fall 2014

Honouring a Lifetime of painting

Robert Genn
1936 — 2014



Robert Genn's formal training as an artist included the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia and the Art Center School in Los Angeles, California. Recognized as one of Canada’s most accomplished painters, his work is well known internationally. He is perhaps best known for his work on the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountains. Robert’s technique included a tradition of strong design with patterns of color and form, with a pervasive sense of personal style. Most of Robert’s later work was in acrylic, although he also did considerable work in oils, watercolour, and silk screen printing.



Video created by Peter Segnitz.



A still from the Hollyhock documentary by Peter Segnitz | White Rock Gallery

A still from the 'Hollyhock' documentary by Peter Segnitz. 


Robert Genn |  Mobile studio, Crescent Park, B.C  | White Rock Gallery

Mobile studio, Crescent Park, B.C. (with Airedale friend Dorothy)


Robert Genn at Lake McArthur, July 2009 | White Rock Gallery

At Lake McArthur, July 2009

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