Jennifer Annesley

 B.F.A., C.S.P.W.C., S.F.C.A., A.W.S.  

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Travelling Light: A Journey Through Landscapes

Embark on a visual odyssey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Jennifer Annesley's debut painting collection, "Travelling Light," officially debuts at the White Rock Gallery May 2nd . In this intimate exhibition, Annesley invites viewers to witness the ethereal dance of light as it traverses both untamed wilderness and human-altered terrains.

Drawing inspiration from her personal travels, Annesley's watercolours vividly capture the transient beauty of light as it illuminates rugged mountains, serene lakeshores, and bustling cityscapes. Each brushstroke serves as a conduit for the luminous energy that shapes and defines our surroundings, offering a glimpse into the artist's soulful exploration of the world.

Despite its smaller scale, "Travelling Light" embodies a profound sense of depth and discovery, inviting viewers to journey alongside the artist as she navigates the delicate interplay between light and landscape. Through her evocative compositions, Annesley invites us to contemplate the fleeting nature of our own experiences, reminding us to embrace the beauty found in simplicity and impermanence.

Experience the magic of "Travelling Light" firsthand by visiting the White Rock Gallery, where presales are available now for this captivating debut exhibition. 

Artists’ Statement:

“I have been a full-time artist since graduating with a BFA in Art and Design in 1989, working with the genres of architecture, landscape and still life. I love travelling and exploring the backcountry to witness changing weather and light conditions and experience the juxtaposition of refined architectural spaces with wilderness. Painting is the way I process, re-live and communicate experiences, while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of a subject’s nature.

Through careful study I try to unravel the complexity of the three-dimensional form, whether cathedral or mountain, then reconstruct and reinterpret it by using deliberate variations in perspective, colour and value. Articulating intricate patterns and textures is an almost meditative process and a way of honouring the subject. The portrayal of light, shadow and fine detail as formal, narrative and expressive elements is consistent throughout my work."

29 X 19 in. - $4,168.00
Jennifer Annesley artwork 'Windswept' at White Rock Gallery
12 X 12 in. - $1,340.00
Jennifer Annesley artwork 'Sun Shine' at White Rock Gallery
12 X 12 in. - $1,340.00
Jennifer Annesley artwork 'Shadow Drift' at White Rock Gallery
29 X 18 in. - $4,124.00
Jennifer Annesley artwork 'Craigdarrogh' at White Rock Gallery
20 X 13 in. - $2,084.00
Jennifer Annesley artwork 'Chelsea Evening' at White Rock Gallery
20 X 13 in.
Jennifer Annesley artwork 'City in the Rain' at White Rock Gallery
18 X 18 in.
Jennifer Annesley artwork 'Tree Whisper' at White Rock Gallery
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