Robert Genn

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Robert Genn (1936-2014) was born in Victoria, B.C. Canada. His formal training as an artist included the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia and the Art Center School in Los Angeles, California. Recognized as one of Canada’s most accomplished painters, his work is well known internationally. While his subjects are universal (he painted in many countries), he excelled in portraying Canada. He is perhaps best known for his work on the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountains. Robert’s technique included a tradition of strong design with patterns of color and form, with a pervasive sense of personal style. Grand themes are transposed onto small panels and larger canvases in a manner similar to members of the Group of Seven. Most of Robert’s later work was in acrylic, although he also did considerable work in oils, watercolour, and silk screen printing.

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16 X 20 in. Unframed - $7,800.00
Morning Greeter, Q.C.I
20 x 30 in. - $11,400.00
Robert Genn artwork 'Late Afternoon, McConnell Lake' at White Rock Gallery
30 x 34 in. - $23,270.00
Robert Genn artwork 'Along the Campbell River' at White Rock Gallery
18 X 24 in. - $7,800.00
Gitlarduks Village BC
8 X 10 in. - $3,200.00
30 x 34 in. - $21,800.00
Robert Genn artwork 'Counterpoint Complement' at White Rock Gallery
Robert Genn artwork 'Hallowell on Picton Bay, Ontario (circa 2000)' at White Rock Gallery
Robert Genn artwork 'Creek, Cheakamus Near Whistler' at White Rock Gallery
Robert Genn artwork 'Indicators, Resolute Bay, Cornwallis Island (Nunavut) (2000)' at White Rock Gallery
Robert Genn artwork 'Point, Eaglenest Lake, North of Wpg with Al Stewart (2006)' at White Rock Gallery
-11 x -14 in. - $4,000.00
Robert Genn artwork 'Park, Haliburton (1988)' at White Rock Gallery
Robert Genn artwork 'On the Nicomekl with Alex' at White Rock Gallery
Sunset on Cortes, Hollyhock
10 x 12 in. - $3,500.00
Robert Genn artwork 'Arnica (1998)' at White Rock Gallery
10 x 8 in. - $3,200.00
Robert Genn artwork 'Falls, Cheakamus' at White Rock Gallery
Queen Charlotte Village
12 X 16 in.
Village of the West
11 x 14 in. - $4,000.00
Robert Genn artwork 'Entrance to a French Village in January' at White Rock Gallery
Robert Genn artwork 'Above the Tavira Valley(JackHambleton,1989,Algarve,Portugal)' at White Rock Gallery
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