Nikol Haskova

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Nikol Haskova developed a fascination with the world of art at an early age. Born in the former Czechoslovakia, she remembers sketching, painting, poetry and acting being her interests from childhood.

Nikol began her full time artistic career in 2006. She was then deeply moved by urban sprawl occurring at a rapid pace in the Vancouver area. Aiming to visually document the dramatic changes in her community, Haskova became interested in not only the morphing natural scenery, but also its habitants. A particular fondness for crows started after the artist observed not only their intelligence, but determination and adaptability in adverse conditions as well. Nikol has photographed, interacted with and painted countless crows and other birds, at times assigning them human traits, finding a satisfying metaphor between the two.

Currently, Haskova is exploring the infusion of street art into her portraits of birds. She enjoys the contrast between the looseness and boldness of graffiti and the detail and fineness of nature. Mixed media is also a big part of her work. Nikol often has to invent her own techniques to incorporate new material into her acrylic based works.

Nikol lives with her husband and son in Langley.

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Nikol Haskova <br> Bursting into a Million Pieces </br>
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Meditation on the Golden Thread' at White Rock Gallery
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Peony and Her String' at White Rock Gallery
6 X 6 in. unframed - $329.00
Nikol Haskova <br> Irridescent Blue Heartbeat </br>
48 X 24 in. - $2,627.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'The Sun & the Moon' at White Rock Gallery
48 x 24 in. - $2,627.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Citrine' at White Rock Gallery
24 x 24 in. - $1,700.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Threads of Thought' at White Rock Gallery
30 x 80 in. - $5,794.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Fluid' at White Rock Gallery
16 X 16 in. - $1,082.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Just This' at White Rock Gallery
6 X 6 in. - $329.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'A Blossoming Heart' at White Rock Gallery
24x24 - $1,700.00
Flower Moon
6x6 - $329.00
Cajolery (Study)
16 x 16 in. - $1,082.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Surge, Study' at White Rock Gallery
The Answer Lies Deep Inside
16 x 16 in. - $1,082.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Head in the Heavens, Roots Deep Below' at White Rock Gallery
24x24 - $1,545.00
Emerald and Oxygen
6x6 - $329.00
60 x 10 in. - $2,086.00
Nikol Haskova artwork 'Phthalo Blue' at White Rock Gallery
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