Laura Harris

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Laura’s paintings are described as beautifully imperfect, and have the ability to stir powerful emotions, speaking to an inner voice often ignored. Often large in scale with strikingly bold colours and texture, each piece offers discovery. Her process is rooted in memory and imagination, and her emotions are palpable. When she’s at work, Harris becomes utterly engrossed in her practice. It’s a fully physical task with music turned up loud and paint flying. Laura applies the same love and abandon to all other areas of her life. Exuberant, sensual, and often surprising, Laura’s images are known and prized for their irresistible energy.

“I try and create what I ache for. Painting for me is is not work, it’s an essential part of living.”

Harris’ is a positive oeuvre, but there are contrasts in texture and hue that suggest the opposition of forces. Her relationship with light has been compared to that of Turner. As a young child, the Canadian artist learned drawing techniques from her father, who preferred realism but encouraged freedom of expression. Her work is exhibited in galleries across Canada and collected worldwide. Corporate clients include Mercedes Benz, The Ritz Carlton, The Keg and Canacord. Laura sits as Honorary Chair of the C.N.I.B. Eye Appeal.

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36 x 36 in. - $4,056.00
Laura Harris artwork 'Swimming in the Sky' at White Rock Gallery
36 x 36 in. - $4,056.00
Laura Harris artwork 'Often Remarkable Resilience' at White Rock Gallery
48 x 48 in. - $6,876.00
Laura Harris artwork 'She Always Knew They Could Fly' at White Rock Gallery
30x30 - $2,434.00
When the Mist Lights Shadows
36x36 - $4,056.00
Turn Left, You Can’t Miss It
Breathe and Imagine Glorious Places
24 x 20 in. - $1,854.00
Laura Harris artwork 'A Powerful, Healing Pause' at White Rock Gallery
36 x 24 in. - $2,673.00
Laura Harris artwork 'The Smell of Fresh Spring Rain' at White Rock Gallery
24 x 48 in. - $3,569.00
Blue Bay
36 x 48 in. - $5,176.00
Laura Harris artwork 'Come With Me, It Will Be Amazing' at White Rock Gallery
30x40 - $3,708.00
Gracious Hosts
20x34 - $2,163.00
In the Stillness
20x34 - $2,163.00
Deliciously Quiet
24x36 - $2,102.00
Smokey Blue Love
36x48 - $5,138.00
I Swear, They Were Dancing
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