David Langevin

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The stillness of David Langevin's wilderness landscapes is juxtaposed with the dramatic play of his compositional elements, light, and colour. Contrast is the underlying theme in all of David’s acrylic paintings. This talented draftsman uses a profound knowledge of materials and techniques combined with a brilliant sense of design and drama to create striking renditions of the Canadian wilderness.

Born and raised in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, he began drawing and painting before starting school. After receiving a BFA from the University of Ottawa, his restless desire to perfect his skills led him to continue his studies and research at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa, and McGill University, where he obtained a Masters Degree in Art Education. After spending several years teaching art, David continues to lecture and give workshops on “The Craft of Painting.”

David has been painting full time since 1994 and is rapidly gaining recognition for his dynamic and original landscapes and “Treescapes”. More recently he has painted larger pieces on canvas. As with his works on panel, he uses the highest quality, permanent materials and prepares them himself. David has the stretcher bars custom made and sizes the canvas on both sides to ensure its longevity and resistance to moisture.

His work is admired and appreciated by art lovers, collectors, and artists alike, and this is reflected in the growing success he enjoys as an artist.

12 X 12 in. - $692.00
David Langevin artwork 'Unexpected' at White Rock Gallery
9 X 12 in. unframed - $599.00
David Langevin <br> Where There Were Trees </br>
24 x 36 in. - $2,623.00
David Langevin artwork 'On the Way to Tombstone' at White Rock Gallery
12 X 12 in. - $692.00
David Langevin artwork 'Suddenly' at White Rock Gallery
36 x 16 in. - $1,835.00
David Langevin artwork 'Tak Roar' at White Rock Gallery
4 X 12 in. - $371.00
David Langevin artwork 'Poplar Reasons' at White Rock Gallery
60 x 20 in. - $3,361.00
David Langevin artwork 'X-Ray Waterfalls' at White Rock Gallery
12 X 4 in. - $371.00
David Langevin artwork 'Ask Me' at White Rock Gallery
48 x 12 in. - $1,851.00
David Langevin artwork 'Red Winter' at White Rock Gallery
60 x 20 in. - $3,361.00
David Langevin artwork 'Summertime Green' at White Rock Gallery
30 x 10 in. - $1,179.00
David Langevin artwork 'Hard Rock' at White Rock Gallery
3.5 x 10.5 in. - $306.00
David Langevin artwork '2105' at White Rock Gallery
3.5 x 10.5 in. - $306.00
David Langevin artwork '2104' at White Rock Gallery
10x30 - $1,179.00
Maybe Later
4x12 - $356.00
Less Cool
24 x 9 in. - $889.00
David Langevin artwork 'Video Fir Studies' at White Rock Gallery
5.5 x 14 - $630.00
Winter Sky
24x36 - $2,086.00
Brenda's Other Dragon Trees
18x24 - $1,526.00
Back to the Drawing Tree
60x80 - $6,798.00
The Giant Oak
24 x 20 in. - $1,596.00
David Langevin artwork 'The Burning Bush' at White Rock Gallery
14x18 - $850.00
The Wall Hike
13x20 - $1,175.00
20x30 - $1,912.00
More Aspen Greens
12x18 - $850.00
Rundle Study
24x36 - $2,623.00
Stay With Me
36 x 72 in. - $5,636.00
David Langevin artwork 'There's a lot goin' on' at White Rock Gallery
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