Leslie Rowe-Israelson

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Leslie Rowe-Israelson is an internationally recognized glass artist. She has spent the last 40 years working primarily in the cast / fused glass genre developing and refining innovative techniques that now give her an artistic voice that is stylistically unique around the globe. Her diverse portfolio of
work includes exquisitely delicate sculptures, bold and brilliantly colourful mountain landscape panels and a broad range of intricate open face vessels and plates. These pieces are constructed through a complex process involving precise glass cutting and multiple kiln firings. Because of the time consuming nature involved in the creation of each piece, it becomes a contemplative process which Leslie finds rewarding. The work is often combined with or presented on, elements of hand forged steel and shaped and polished stone that she and her husband collect from mountain slopes close to their home in Invermere, BC.

She spent her time as a child on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland and grew into a young woman who was instilled with a love of the ocean and the rugged coastal mountain landscape. A ski trip to Banff affected her so dramatically that upon returning home she immediately packed up her belongings and moved to Lake Louise.

There she met Gerry, a young Park Warden. They married in 1980 and in the years to follow raised two wonderful children while stationed in multiple locations in the mountain National Parks. As a family they travelled on foot, on skis and horseback, experiencing remote wilderness first hand. It comes as no surprise that the mountain and coastal landscapes of mountains, forests and water, ice and snow, are the major source of her inspiration and the common thread with which she boldly and beautifully weaves into glass creations.

It is her wish to continue to evolve as an artist and create work that is meaningful. Work that in some small way moves the viewer, creates inspiration, triggers emotion, or serves as a touchstone for special personal memories. Work that captures your heart and nurtures your soul.
2 X 9.5 X 2 in. - $187.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Small Feather' at White Rock Gallery
2.25 X 12 X 4 in. - $239.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'large feather' at White Rock Gallery
3 X 5 X 3 in.
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Egg' at White Rock Gallery
14 X 16 X 10 in. - $1,117.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Leslie Rowe-Israelson - "Song Bird"' at White Rock Gallery
10 X 20 X 20 in.
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Leslie Row Israelson - "Nesting Cliff Side"' at White Rock Gallery
19 X 27.5 X 5 in. - $3,424.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Winters First Kiss' at White Rock Gallery
20 X 18 X 8 in. - $1,563.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Sunbeams and Ghost Trees' at White Rock Gallery
13 X 17 X 8 in.
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Shore Bird (male)' at White Rock Gallery
13 X 16 X 9 in. - $1,117.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Shore Bird (female)' at White Rock Gallery
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Ocean Spray in Shimmering Light' at White Rock Gallery
11 X 31 X 31 in. - $3,349.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Nesting' at White Rock Gallery
22 X 19 X 12 in. - $1,935.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Inside Passage' at White Rock Gallery
23 X 28 X 15 in. - $4,243.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Ghost Trees in Granite' at White Rock Gallery
27 X 24 X 10 in. - $3,870.00
Leslie Rowe-Israelson artwork 'Autumns Tender Approach' at White Rock Gallery
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