Graeme Shaw | Artist Video Interview

Graeme’s work employs a variety of mediums and runs a wide gamut of subject matter. Landscapes from the Arctic, the Rockies, and the west coast are favourites. He lives with his wife in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.
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Mike Svob | Artist Video Interview

Mike has painted professionally for more than three decades. He is a romantic, impassioned by the visual presentation that life has to offer. The power and movement of light is captured in his work, and nature interacting with people plays an important role in his art. 
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Janice Robertson | Artist Video Interview

Janice launched her career as a professional artist in 1989. She has received many awards over the years including The Foreign Award in the Houston Watercolor Society’s Exhibition in Texas in 2004, The Margaret and William Foley Award in the Adirondacks National Exhibition of Watercolors in New York in 2008, and she has won the Bronze Medal three times, in the Federation of Canadian Artists Annual Signature Members Exhibition in Vancouver. 
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